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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Aging Our Way, PA: A Plan for Lifelong Independence

Aging Our Way Cover featuring older adultsAging Our Way, PA is a 10-year roadmap to meet the needs of the Commonwealth’s older adults and improve services for this rapidly growing population. The plan includes priorities, strategies, and tactics to promote health, well-being and quality of life for all Pennsylvanians as we age. Aging Our Way, PA also prepares the Commonwealth for a larger, longer-living older adult population and is designed to respond to changing needs, shifting priorities and available resources. The Department of Aging led the charge to develop the plan following an Executive Order signed by Governor Josh Shapiro in May 2023.

To explore Aging Our Way, PA, download the publication PDF​ or use the expandable section below the message from Gov. Shapiro.

A Message from Gov. Shapiro

Dear Fellow Pennsylvanians,  

The residents of our great Commonwealth are living longer, healthier lives and growing more diverse every day. Pennsylvania is home to 3.4 million older adults, the fifth highest total in the country. These demographic trends – which reflect what is happening across the nation – are more than numbers on paper; they are a call to action for Pennsylvania to be a leader as the nation grows older and more diverse.

My Administration has gathered input and collaborated with stakeholders across the Commonwealth to develop Aging Our Way, PA, a 10-year multisector strategic plan to build more inclusive, supportive communities for older Pennsylvanians. This stakeholder engagement process was led by the Pennsylvania Department of Aging (PDA) and Pennsylvania’s network of Area Agencies on Aging (AAAs). Through their robust relationships at the local level, the AAAs engaged their local communities and held more than 200 listening sessions across all 67 counties. The work of the AAAs was crucial to gathering the stakeholder feedback that guided this Plan, and my Administration will continue to work with them to implement the positive changes that arose from that feedback.

The voices of older adults across the Commonwealth are woven into the development of this plan to reflect their preferences and needs – and ultimately fulfill its purpose. With Aging Our Way, PA, we will create a Pennsylvania where all older adults live with dignity and independence.

To organize critical strategies and actionable tactics, Aging Our Way, PA identifies five priorities: Unlocking Access, Aging in Community, Gateways to Independence, Caregiver Supports, and Education & Navigation. These priorities will serve as an inclusive approach to ensuring that older adults age within their communities in a way that aligns with their preferences and needs, promotes independence, fosters inclusivity, and provides adequate support systems for older adults, caregivers, and care partners.

No single entity can address the holistic needs of the older adult population in our Commonwealth. This is a collective effort that relies on the continued engagement with older adults and their caregivers to validate that the plan is meeting their needs. State, regional, and community partners will be asked to build and maintain a comprehensive and sustainable system of supports for older adults.

This plan will help us anticipate and prepare for these demographic trends before they reach their peak. By allocating resources today, we prepare for tomorrow – and through this plan, we hope to keep as many older adults as possible from needing more costly supports in the future. This plan will change, adapt, and evolve based on continuous and progressive stakeholder engagement, data monitoring and evaluation, and emergent events. 

Every older Pennsylvanian embodies a lifetime of knowledge and experience that we all should admire and celebrate. Aging Our Way, PA is a commitment to create a future in which we all have the resources we need to age with dignity and continue to be vital, active members of our communities for the entirety of our lives. 

Governor Josh Shapiro 

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Aging Our Way, PA: A Plan for Lifelong ​Independence​​

Our Focus & Vision​​​

Our Approach & Core Tenets​​

Rooted in Community Engagement​​​

​Anchored in Cooperation​​

​Our Priorities

​Strategies & Tactics

The strategies identified are critical approaches to advance the implementation of each priority. The tactics are specific and measurable actions to direct resources that address the barriers faced by stakeholders, including policy proposals, new programs or program changes, research proposals, proposed new and changed legislation, or funding requests, to support each strategy.​

​Next Steps​​​


Appendix A: Acronyms​​​​

Appendix B: List of Tactics by Priority




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