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2020-21 Senior Community Center Grants

On behalf of Governor Tom Wolf, the Department of Aging is pleased to announce it has awarded $2 million to be distributed equally among 405 eligible Area Agency on Aging (AAA)-affiliated senior community centers (SCCs) for fiscal year 2020-21 to help support centers in a variety of ways.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, PDA deviated from the traditional competitive grant process and disbursed the grant funding to the 52 Area Agencies on Aging (AAA) to allocate among all eligible centers.  AAAs will receive nearly $5,000 for each eligible SCC. Satellite centers, centers that will remain permanently closed and any other center that does not currently have an existing contract with a AAA are ineligible for this grant funding.

Each SCC will have the flexibility to spend the funding through June 30, 2022 on a variety of projects to best meet the needs of the center and their participants during the pandemic. Project types include COVID-19 mitigation, capital improvements and renovations, programs and services, technology, nutrition services, marketing and outreach, and rent and utilities.

Following are the key documents on the 2020-21 SCC Grant Program:

For questions regarding the Senior Community Center Grant Program, please email or call the Senior Community Center Grant Program Administrator at 717-772-2551.