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State Plan on Aging

The Pennsylvania Department of Aging (PDA) creates a State Plan on Aging every four years in order to provide a vision and direction for Pennsylvania's network of aging services.

The current state plan remains effective through September 30, 2020 and so, the process has begun to shape and develop the next State Plan on Aging for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania – ensuring we continue to effectively meet the needs of Pennsylvania's diverse older adult community.

The department begins this process by receiving input on what needs to improve and learning more about the people we serve by gathering feedback from the entire spectrum of stakeholders – department staff, consumers of services, caregivers, professionals, and anyone who has an interest in the future of aging services.

There are five state plan goals -- designed to address all initiatives that the department has or will undertake to improve aging services in Pennsylvania. Those goals are:

    • Strengthen aging network's capacity, promote innovation and best practices, and build efficiencies to respond to the growing and diversifying aging population.
    • Improve services for older adults and the ability to advocate for them by using evidence-informed planning, committing to data integrity and being accountable for results.
    • Establish and enhance efforts to support healthy living, active engagement and a sense of community for all older Pennsylvanians.
    • Emphasize a citizen-first culture that provides outreach, embraces diversity, and honors individual choice.
    • Advocate for the rights of older adults and ensure their safety and dignity by raising awareness of and responding effectively to incidences of abuse, injury, exploitation, violence and neglect. 

These goals will become the cornerstone of the next State Plan on Aging that will allow us to continue to work towards providing services and supports that meet the needs of all older adults in Pennsylvania.