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Free Transit Program for Senior Citizens

The free transit program allows senior citizens to ride free on a local fixed-route service whenever the local public transit system is operating. To be eligible you must be 65 years of age or older and you will need a senior citizen transit identification card, which is available free of charge from participating local transit operators.

Visit PennDOT's Public Transportation Map, then click on your county to see all the public transit options available in your area.

Shared Ride Program

The shared-ride program allows senior citizens (65 years of age and older) to use shared-ride services.  Shared Ride allows you to schedule transportation and usually provides curb-to-curb service, and pay only a small portion of the regular shared-ride fare.

Visit PennDOT's Public Transportation Map, then click on your county to see all the public transit options available in your area.

Additional Programs & Resources

    • Persons with Disability Parking Placard and Registration Plates - Individuals meeting the eligibility requirements can obtain a parking placard and/or registration plate.  Both are accepted in all 50 states.
    • Non-driver Identification Cards - Similar in appearance to a driver's license, the official commonwealth identification card is accepted as an official form of personal identification. Any Pennsylvania driver who voluntarily surrenders his/her driver's license for medical reasons can obtain a photo ID free of charge. For all others, including those who never received a license, there is a fee.
    • Auto Insurance DiscountsIf you are an older adult, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania provides mandated auto insurance discounts for you.
    • Motor Vehicle Registration Fee Discounts – Individuals who qualify can receive a discount on yearly registration renewals.
    • Low Vision Restricted Driver's Licenses - If you do not meet the vision standards for a Commonwealth of Pennsylvania driver's license, you may qualify for a restricted (low vision) license.