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​SHARE - Shared Housing and Resource Exchange

Shared Housing and Resource Exchange (SHARE) is an affordable housing choice that brings together homeowners who want to share their home with home seekers who are looking for housing in exchange for rent, help around the house, or a combination of both. The home seeker receives their own bedroom and agreed upon use of the common areas. Every arrangement is unique depending on the needs, preferences, and abilities of the participants involved. SHARE is currently available in Pike, Wayne, Monroe, Venango, Crawford, Adams, Union, and Snyder counties.

The Pennsylvania Department of Aging (PDA) has launched its first-ever marketing campaign to promote its Shared Housing and Resource Exchange Program, also known as SHARE. 

SHARE Campaign - 30 Second Banana Bread Commercial    SHARE Campaign - 30 Second Lawn King Commercial

The campaign uses animation and light-hearted scenarios to describe the contributions that both parties bring to a shared housing arrangement, and how they each benefit. In "Banana Bread," Bonnie, an older adult who makes great banana bread and has a dog, gets matched up through the SHARE program with Kylie, who happens to love banana bread and dogs. Bonnie's able to stay in her home, and Kylie can afford to go back to school. In "Lawn King," Gary and Glenda love their large yard and their lawn gnomes, but need some extra help with yard work – which they find from Josh.

The aim of the campaign is to encourage people of all ages to think differently about how a home-sharing arrangement could work for them, to learn more about the program and the matching process.

 Listen to Banana Bread Radio      Listen to Lawn King Radio

Why share a home?

Some people like the idea of having another person around the house. Others are looking for an affordable place to live or a way to supplement their income in order to meet household expenses. In some cases, it enables the older adult to remain in their home and community.

Homesharing offers the homeowner:

  • Income to help with expenses
  • A responsible tenant

Homesharing offers the home seeker:

  • A private bedroom with agreed upon, shared common spaces
  • Affordable rent

Homesharing may offer participants help with household tasks or other agreed upon services. It may also offer the home seeker reduced rent in exchange for services.

How does SHARE work?

A homeowner and home seeker meet separately with the SHARE Housing Counselor to discuss needs and preferences, complete the application, and provide references.  

The SHARE Housing Counselor will:

  • Conduct reference and background checks
  • Identify potential home share matches
  • Introduce the homeowners and home seekers
  • Coordinate the written homesharing agreement
  • Oversee trial living periods
  • Provide ongoing support during the term of the agreement
  • Connect the participants to other community resources.

Who is eligible?

Older adults, persons with disabilities, veterans, working professionals, college students, individuals at-risk of homelessness, single-parents, or people simply wishing to share their lives and homes with others. SHARE participants must be at least 18 years of age and one of the individuals in the match must be over 60.

Find a SHARE Housing Counselor

Reach out to the SHARE Housing Counselor in your county or call 888-801-SHARE-HOME (888-801-74273-4663).

Pike and Wayne Counties
Larisa Yusko
(570) 832-5133

Monroe County
Lauren Buccine, MSW
(570) 832-0538

Union-Snyder Counties
Dea Schader
Union-Snyder Agency on Aging, Inc.
(570) 524-2100 ext 1013
(570) 374-5558                  

Venango County
Jeremy Tidd
Venango County Human Services
Older Adult Services
(814) 432-9711

Crawford County
Brooke Guthrie
Active Aging, Inc.
(814) 336-1792 ext 142

Adams County
Valery Adams
Adams County Office of Aging
(717) 778-1293