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Aging Technical Assistance Bulletins

Aging Technical Assistance Bulletins are organized by the program areas identified below.  Some technical assistance bulletins will have multiple attachments and supporting documentation.

Program Area 07 - Transportation
08-07-01: PDA Waiver vs. DPW MATP (PDF)

Program Area 20 - Adult Day Care

06-20-01: Interim Licensure Process for Older Adult Daily Living Centers (PDF)
06-20-02: Certificate of Occupancy Code for Older Adult Daily Living Centers (PDF)

Program Area 24 - Protective Services

18-24-01: Adult Protective Services Payment Requirements (PDF)
11-24-01: Protective Services Conflict of Interest Cases (PDF)
00-24-01: Protective Services Role in Licensed Facilities (PDF)
94-12-02: Guidelines for the Termination of Protective Services (PDF)
94-12-01: Guidelines for a Protective Services Emergency Involuntary Intervention (PDF)

Program Area 29 - Other
18-29-01:  AAA/LIFE Program Interface (PDF)