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10-Keys™ to Healthy Aging

Improving Health Practices Program

10-Keys™ to Healthy Aging guides individuals on improving health practices so that they may live a longer and more satisfying life. This comprehensive program discusses ten elements that are considered the most important factors that contribute to healthy aging. These disease prevention strategies are key to healthier communities.

The 10-Keys™ Include:
Key #1: Lower Systolic Blood Pressure
Key #6: Lower LDL Cholesterol
Key #2: Stop Smoking
Key #7: Be Physically Active
Key #3: Participate in Cancer Screenings
Key #8: Maintain Healthy Bones, Joints and Muscles
Key #4: Get Immunized Regularly
Key #9: Maintain Social Contact
Key #5: Regulate Blood Glucose
Key #10: Combat Depression

This program has been successfully employed by schools of nursing as part of a community health/gerontology curriculum, and by hospital/healthcare systems and community-based organizations as disease prevention education for older adults, particularly in underserved areas.

A list of ongoing and upcoming programs can be found below.  Interested individuals can register by calling the contact information for the session they are interested in.  You may register for a program already in process.  

For general information or questions about the 10-Keys™ workshop, contact your local Area Agency on Aging.
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